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No app or algorithm can help you problem solve, navigate or negotiate. We are here to guide you through your next real estate move.

The Summit Experience

We’re passionate about nurturing talent, fostering growth and empowering agents to become industry leaders. Our unwavering commitment to their success and yours is evident through competitive advantages and rock-solid accountability.

Real Estate at its Finest

Windermere Summit, where precision meets passion. Our unique model, built on meticulously crafted processes and proven systems, is designed to elevate your home buying or selling journey. Discover a seamless, efficient and personalized approach that sets the standard for excellence in the industry. Welcome to a new era of real estate, where every detail matters, and your experience is our top priority.

Summit’s Education Commitment

Our brokers undergo a comprehensive and cutting-edge education, ensuring they are equipped with the latest knowledge, skills and tools. With a commitment to continuous learning, our brokers set the standard for expertise, providing you with unparalleled guidance and insights throughout your home buying or selling real estate journey.

All in, for Community

At Windermere Summit we work hard to keep our region strong and communities vibrant. Through our actions and contributions, we strive to create economic and lifestyle opportunities for both the households and neighborhoods we serve.


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Mentor + Leader

Meet Shelly Bean

At Summit, we believe that excellence starts at the top. As the Designated Broker and Training & Development Specialist at Windermere Summit, Shelly has pioneered a groundbreaking concept that melds the traditional real estate office with a centralized training environment. Her mission is crystal-clear: streamline the onboarding process for new agents, develop robust curricula to launch their careers and create an environment where brokers can authentically embody the Windermere brand while providing exceptional client service.

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