We're not just another real estate office.

Windermere Summit is a fully operational real estate firm designed specifically for mentoring and guiding new real estate professionals.

Welcome to Summit, your climb to excellence.

Introducing Summit

A Path to Excellence

What is Windermere Summit? It’s your portal to a thriving career in real estate. Summit is not your typical training program; it’s a firm designed specifically for mentoring and guiding new real estate professionals. Conceived as an investment in Windermere’s growth, Summit is committed to shaping the future of the industry.

Summit Agents

Our Pride and Investment

Summit agents are more than just trainees; they’re full licensees with access to Windermere’s entire toolkit and the Northwest MLS, and the authority to list and sell properties. Upon completing our program and a few transactions, you can seamlessly transition to any participating Windermere office.

The Summit Difference

A Journey Together

Summit is a uniquely designed approach where cohorts of new agents embark on a training regimen crafted to nurture the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in this dynamic field. Cohorts progress together through the Summit curriculum and coaching program, alongside veteran agents who embody the Summit philosophy.

The Commitment

Your journey to real estate success begins with a comprehensive program designed to launch your career through a blend of training, workshops and hands-on field experiences.


Agents who choose to join Summit are committing to a transformative journey
toward excellence. Your commitment includes:

At least one year at the firm. We encourage a minimum one-year commitment, a period that allows you to fully harness the benefits of our program.

Completion of Ready, Set, Go. Successfully complete our concept-heavy program, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel.

Completion of Mentorship and Mastery. The experience-heavy program refines your skills and equips you for real-world success.

Dedication to training. Allocate time to engage with both asynchronous and live training sessions, cultivating your expertise.

Attendance at accountability and coaching sessions. Participate in our coaching and accountability sessions, where you’ll receive guidance, support and mentorship from industry professionals.


The Experience

What sets Windermere Summit apart from other real estate offices is that it is the first of its kind dedicated to helping agents launch their business the right way. Below are some of the experiences you should expect as a new agent.

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    Windermere tools + tech to run your business

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    All credits required for first license renewal

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    Windermere Way and Ninja Selling courses

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    Professional coaching

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    Structured learning environment with peers

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    Guided support on your first several transactions

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    Hands-on courses, workshops and experiences

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    Mentorship opportunities with top producers


Shelly Bean + Team

Meaningful Connections

As your designated broker and top advocate, Shelly will guide your seamless integration into other Windermere offices as a seasoned, fully trained professional. As a Summit agent, you have access to all member offices for live classes, workshops, in-person meetings and more, and can network and collaborate through our virtual office concept. Learn from various mentors, owners and managers without limitation, building relationships critical to future business success. The connections you make will last as long as you’re licensed at Summit and will produce meaningful professional partnerships and business opportunities.

Ready to join Summit?

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